Customizable Masks

Tips for Designing Customizable Masks

Thanks to the coronavirus, there’s no shortage of places you can shop to find the perfect mask. Our online store for facemasks offers you several different styles to choose from depending on the material, fit, and level of protection you need. When it comes to designing customizable masks, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make the process easy. Shop our online store for facemasks and use these tips to help you create the ultimate mask for your needs.

  • Choose the location of your design on customizable masks. You can make the main design the central part of your mask by centering it in the middle of your face. Smaller designs look great when you add one on each side of the mask close to the top. You can also choose an allover design in a pattern, or repeating icons throughout the mask design. Pick out the size and location of your design first to ensure that it looks great when you wear it.

  • Pick an image with high resolution so it looks crisp and clear when your mask is produced. If the image is too grainy, it won’t come out right and you’ll be left with a blurry, muddled mess. Ideally, most images for customizable masks should have a high DPI count of around 200, so that they turn out clear and bright. Make sure the image is at 100% scale so that it comes out correctly.

  • When you design a custom mask, pick prints or images that are unique to you. There are countless pre-made mask designs and prints out there, so the ability to customize your own gives you the opportunity to make yours one of a kind. Have fun when you design your mask and remember that no one else will have the same exact one anywhere. It’s the perfect way to turn protective gear into a stylish fashion statement.