Best Face Masks

Our List of the Best Face Masks

To protect yourself from germs and bacteria, you need to make sure you’re wearing some of the best face masks available. At 595 Mask, we carry a variety of masks including water resistant face masks and more. Read on to learn more about what we offer including the best face masks you can buy for the ultimate in protection.

  • Reusable non-woven masks: Our reusable masks feature seven layers of filtration and are made of a durable non-woven polymer. These water resistant face masks are lined with a cotton blend for comfort and moisture absorption. The mask includes an adjustable band and a built-in nose bridge to ensure a secure fit. These masks are easy to clean with a quick spray of rubbing alcohol, or you can sanitize them in boiling water.

  • Mask with filter trays: These masks also include seven layers of filtration, but they include disposable filter trays for even more protection. The mask comes in a set of three so you’ll always have one close at hand. Our mask with filter trays includes an adjustable band, and the built-in nose bridge keeps it securely on your face.

  • Shield mask: This is one of our best face masks thanks to a cool transparent screen. The mask is great for those who need to communicate with the hearing impaired, people who perform lectures, or in environments where communication is extremely important. The shield mask comes in assorted colors and features durable construction.


To wear our masks, make sure they fit securely over the nose and the entire bottom half of your face. Make sure the mask fits snug by using the metal frame on the bride of the nose area and press down gently. You can make sure your mask fits properly by blowing into the mask. If there’s no air coming from the sides, it is on securely. You can pull the straps on the side to adjust the fit for comfortable wear.